Skase Journal of Theoretical Linguistics

ISSN 1336-782X
VOLUME 17  -  2020 No. 5

Table of Contents

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1. Mufleh Salem M. Alqahtani
The Phonological Opacity of Local Compensatory Lengthening in Modern Colloquial Persian: A Stratal Optimality Theoretic Approach
2. Benito Trollip
Denominal adjectives in Afrikaans: The cases of ·agtig and ·e·rig
3. Ayoub Noamane
A Non-templatic Approach to the Formation of the Past Participle in Moroccan Arabic
4. Bożena Duda
Contextually conditioned synonyms of prostitute in selected Late Modern English comedy dramas: a sociophilological perspective
5. Yakiv Bystrov, Ella Mintsys, and Yuliya Mintsys
English Diminutives in Children’s Literature: A Case Study of Directive Speech Acts
6. George Morara Anyona
The role of semantics in morphological adjustment of English nouns borrowed into EkeGusii: an Optimality Theory approach
7. Slávka Janigová
Perception of Anticipation Prompts by Trainees in Simultaneous Interpreting
8. Hongmei Wu and Nirada Chitrakara
Agent or non-Agent subject topic in English
9. Samuel Oluwole Akintoye
A Comparative Analysis of Focus Construction in Igede Language and Some Selected Dialects of Yorùbá: Oǹdó and Ìkálẹ̀
10 Nuchamon James
A syntactic study of the word HEAD compounding in the Thai Language
11. Dalan M. Perangin-Angin and Novita Dewi
An ecolinguistic analysis of folksongs in endangered Pagu language
12. Vera Boguslavskaya, Larisa V. Sharakhina, and Slávka Tomaščíková
Visualisation of digital media discourses: a case study of Russian language esports media
13. Andrew M.J. Milewski, Saher A. Al Sabbah, and James Barnes
Ambiguity recognition and resolution in L1 Arabic–English bilinguals: Exploring the role of structure type
14. Iryna Ushchapovska, Diana Movchan, and Halyna Chulanova
Idioethnic Features of Multimodal Advertising Texts: a Case Study of Coffee Commercials
15. Liliana Tolchinsky
Interview with Ruth A. Berman

Board of Consulting Editors:
Nana Aba Amfo
, University of Ghana; Arthur Abramson, University of Connecticut, USA; Jean Aitchison, Oxford University, United Kingdom; Miroslav Cerny, Ostrava University, Czech Republic; Mary Esther Dakubu, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana; Jan Don, Amsterdam University, The Netherlands; Martin Everaert, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Roswitha Fischer, University of Regensburg, Germany; Christina Gagne, University of Alberta, Canada;  Renáta Gregová, P. J. Safarik University Kosice, Slovak Republic; Ján Horecký, Professor Emeritus, Slovak Republic († 2006); Denis Jamet, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, France; Carina Jahani, Uppsala University; Stanislav Kavka, Ostrava University, Czech Republic; Robert Kieltika, University of Rzeszow, Poland; Grezegorz A. Kleparski, University of Rzeszow, Poland; Peter Koch, Tuebingen University, Germany; Lívia Körtvélyessy, P. J. Safarik University Kosice, Slovak Republic; Viktor Krupa, Institute of Oriental Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Merja Kyto, Uppsala University, Sweden; Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Bordeaux University, France; Rochelle Lieber, University of New Hampshire, USA; Leonhard Lipka, Professor Emeritus, Germany; Gina Maciuca, University of Suceava, Rumania; Alec Marantz, MIT Linguistics and Philosophy, Cambridge, USA; Edith A. Moravcsik, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Makiko Mukai, Kochi Women's University, Japan; Ad Neeleman, University College London, United Kingdom; Arne Olofsson, Göteborg University, Sweden; Dorota Osuchowska, University of Rzeszow, Poland; Pingali Sailaja, University of Hyderabad, India; Dana Slančová, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Višnja Josipović Smojver, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Slávka Tomaščíková, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovak Republic; Salvador Valera, University of Jaen, Spain, Jochen Zeller, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa