Skase Journal of Theoretical Linguistics

ISSN 1336-782X
VOLUME 4  -  2007  No. 1


Guest editors: Anna Rácová, Viktor Krupa

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"All of us who had the privilege of meeting Ján Horecký as a person and of knowing his scientific and cultural work are agreed on one thing: we are happy that we could live in the days of Ján Horecký."

- Slavomír Ondrejovič 

Board of Consulting Editors:
Bas Aarts, University College London, United Kingdom; Jean Aitchison, Oxford University, United Kingdom; H. Mauricio Cabrera, The College of The Bahamas; Jan Don, Amsterdam University, The Netherlands; Martin Everaert, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Milan Ferenčík, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Christina Gagne, University of Alberta, Canada; Stephanie Hackert, Regensburg University, Germany; Ján Horecký, Professor Emeritus, Slovak Republic  (U 2006); Denis Jamet, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, France; Stanislav Kavka, Ostrava University, Czech Republic; Peter Koch, Tuebingen University, Germany; Viktor Krupa, Institute of Oriental Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Merja Kyto, Uppsala University, Sweden; Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Bordeaux University, France; Rochelle Lieber, University of New Hampshire, USA; Leonhard Lipka, Professor Emeritus, Germany; Alec Marantz, MIT Linguistics and Philosophy, Cambridge, USA; Ad Neeleman, University College London, United Kingdom; Arne Olofsson, Göteborg University, Sweden; Dana Slančová, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Slávka Tomaščíková, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Salvador Valera, University of Jaen, Spain  
Managing editor: Ing. Peter Haľko, University Library of Prešov University, Slovak Republic