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VOLUME 5 - 2008 No. 1

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1. Juliette Blevins
Hes and Kus Questions in Yurok: A case for lexeme-specific word order
2. Renáta Gregová
Quantity in Slovak and in English
3. Jacek Witkos and Anna Snarska
On Partial Control and Parasitic PC Effects
4. Mahmood Ahmad
The Micro-structure of an Encoding Dictionary
5. Tariel Putkaradze
Linguistic Situation in Conflict Regions – The Abkhazia Border within Russia according to 1989 Census Data and Politicized Linguistic Maps
6. Book Review
Bogdan Szymanek
Lexical Creativity,Texts and Contexts by Judith Munat (ed.), 2007, (Studies in Functional and Structural Linguistics,58). Amsterdam Philadelphia John Benjamins Publishing Company.
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