SKASE JOURNAL OF Theoretical Linguistics

ISSN 1336-782X
VOLUME 4 - 2007 No. 2

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1. Yuri Tambovtsev and Colin Martindale
Phoneme Frequencies Follow a Yule Distribution
2. Niladri Sekhar Dash
Some Techniques Used for Processing Bengali Corpus to Meet New Demands of Linguistics and Language Technology
3. Bidemi Okanlawon
The English Nominal Group and Shop-naming in a Nigerian University Community
4. Nikolas Gisborne
Dynamic Modality
5. Yvon Pierre Ndongo Ibara
The Syntactic Interpretation of Overt NPs in Emb?si
6. Book Review
Jesús Fernández-Domínguez Isabel Balteiro
A Contribution to the Study of Conversion in English
Edited by : Pavol Štekauer
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Bas Aarts, University College London, United Kingdom; Jean Aitchison, Oxford University, United Kingdom; H. Mauricio Cabrera, The College of The Bahamas; Jan Don, Amsterdam University, The Netherlands; Martin Everaert, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Milan Ferenčík, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Christina Gagne, University of Alberta, Canada;  Stephanie Hackert, Regensburg University, Germany; Ján Horecký, Professor Emeritus, Slovak Republic (? 2006); Denis Jamet, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, France; Stanislav Kavka, Ostrava University, Czech Republic; Peter Koch, Tuebingen University, Germany; Viktor Krupa, Institute of Oriental Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Merja Kyto, Uppsala University, Sweden; Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Bordeaux University, France; Rochelle Lieber, University of New Hampshire, USA; Leonhard Lipka, Professor Emeritus, Germany; Alec Marantz, MIT Linguistics and Philosophy, Cambridge, USA; Ad Neeleman, University College London, United Kingdom; Arne Olofsson, Göteborg University, Sweden; Dana Slančová, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Slávka Tomaščíková, Prešov University, Slovak Republic; Salvador Valera, University of Jaen, Spain
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Ing. Peter Haľko, University Library of Prešov University, Slovak Republic

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